Want FASTER build time with Next.js? DO THIS! ⚡

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In my last email I mentioned that I was planning on still making one or two Next.js videos this year. Last week I published one of those.

The video is about reducing your Next.js application build time with Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR).

This Next.js feature is super cool since it allows you, among other things, to render dynamic content on static pages!

Want FASTER build time with Next.js? DO THIS!

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I also published another video about how you can use GIT branches to easily test different features or make a demo of a new feature. If your GIT-game is not in a good shape, this video is great refresher / tutorial for you!

Use this GIT trick to test new features fast & easily

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That's all for this week!

Cheers, Tuomo

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