Why I like Software Engineering 🧡

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I have been working as a software engineer over eight years now. This week I stopped to think about all the good things and benefits there is in being a software engineer.

Few of the best things in my opinion are the flexibility and creativity of the work as well as job security. I made a video explaining my thoughts on these in more detail, so if you want to hear more you can find the video on my Youtube channel.

I read a bunch of blog posts this week. Here is couple of them that I found interesting and useful:

JavaScript vs JavaScript. Fight! (part 1)

JavaScript vs JavaScript. Fight! (part 2)

The Complete JavaScript Promise Guide

Top 10 Future Technologies You’ve Definitely Never Heard Of

Last week I told you I was thinking of getting a Kindle. Well this week I finally decided to get it and so far I have really loved it.

I actually read one book in the first day of getting the Kindle. Ok to be honest the book was only 100 pages but still, that is 99 pages more that I read in the past month!

I'm interested to see if I can build up and keep my reading habit more easily by using Kindle.

That's it for this week!

Cheers, Tuomo

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